Hatchback cars - Few things that you need to know before you buy

Published: 07th February 2012
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Summary - Hatchback cars are bought by people who travel a lot along with their family. While buying such cars, it is essential to know beforehand if the car can fit in all the family members well. Also, there are some other things that you should find out before you buy the car like driver comfort, boot space, etc.

Hatchback cars are more preferred by people who go out with their families a lot. Instead of just looking at the desirability, reliability, and how well does the car drive, you have to look at the practicality for the different family members. Parents, children, pets, and all other family members need to fit inside the car well. Apart from this, there are a lot of things that you have to consider.

For making the right choice, here are some tips to make sure that the hatchback cars that you buy meet the requirements of the family well.

Wide opening doors – the back pair should open widely for installing any child car seat and for getting any younger children in and out of automobile. This is important especially if you are suffering from bad back or are really tall. The wide opening doors are practical if you travel a lot regularly and have a lot of adult members. The sliding rear doors that are found on few MPVs (like Ford Grand C-Max and the VW Sharan) give you access that is more convenient particularly in car parking spaces that are cramped.

Stadium seating – You should also look for options of raised seating. This is called stadium seating where in rear seats are higher than those on the front. This feature is extensively seen on SUVs and MPVs for making it easier to fit in child car seats and seating children. The children also get a better view of the front and it said that such seating arrangement can reduce any travel sickness that might creep in. If you are buying hatchback cars having stadium seating, then you should make sure that the rear head restraints are very easy to remove. They might come off for fitting in child car seat.

You might need MPV – You might be looking for a MPV. Here, forget all perceptions that you might have about MPVs. If there are 3 young children in the family, then all of them will need child car seats, people carrier or bigger four by four are only two viable options for transporting the entire family securely and safely. Cars having two folded up seats in boot will be handy if you have to transport occasionally. Remember that you will have little boot space if all the seats are occupied.

Can the passenger air bag be switched off? – If there is a really young child who will be transported along with rear facing child seat that is fitted to passenger seat, then you should make sure that the car lets you deactivate front airbag by yourself. Fitting any child seats in front isn’t recommended and it should be easier to turn off the air bag by yourself instead of asking the dealer to do it every time.

Isofix is easier – If fitting in child car seats is necessary, then the Is fix mounting points will make it safer, quicker, and easier. You should make sure that the mounting points are easily accessible and the child car seat should be taken along when you are buying hatchback cars.

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